Data Scraping with SERP and GMaps


Autoscrape is a multi-method scraper that deploys a collection of algorithms like SERP and GMaps to scrape for data across the internet. The scraped data is then verified using methods such as DNS and SMTP checks.

Scrape for anything you can think of. Really, anything.

Restaurants, movie theaters, coffee bean suppliers, shoe factories… anything you want.
Autoscrape works by fetching data available publicly through search engine result page scraping and other methods. The program simulates the behavior of a real human searching for information so it never falls into a honeypot trap, or recovers from one if it falls into it.

"Web scraping, web harvesting, or web data extraction is data scraping used for extracting data from websites."

— Wikipedia

Achtung: Scraping in action!

Autoscrape looking for restaurants in Europe via Google Maps method could return as many as 5,000 results containing emails, physical addresses, phone numbers, and restaurant names.

“Google is the largest scraper in the world but they do not allow scraping of their own pages. Without a lot of experience and know-how it can be a hard task to get anything out of them.”

― Squabbel

Scrapes for data via methods such as SERP and GMaps

You can obtain results via Search Engine Result Page (SERP) or Google Maps (GMaps) scraping, or a combination of both.

Schedule your scraping and return your results in a dynamic CSV format so you will always have the latest results for your application.

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