Microscopy Image Analysis

Understanding the structure of materials at a microscopic level, such as segmenting different phases or grain boundaries in metallurgical images.

Military Reconnaissance

Segmenting and analysing satellite or aerial imagery to detect enemy assets like missile launch sites, military bases, or movement of troops.

Contraband Detection in
X-ray Scans

Identifying suspicious objects or substances in luggage or cargo through X-ray images.

Acoustics Analysis

Auralcon is an acoustics research and development firm that use predictive modelling and data analytics to build better acoustical architecture. We design concert halls, auditoriums, and cinemas fulfilling ISO and ASTM standards. We believe in building better architecture through quantitative acoustics.

Portfolio Optimization

Three Sigma researches fields in machine learning to apply algorithms to astronomical sets of data for instruments in the financial market. The quantitative methods intend to generate absolute returns regardless of the investment climate.

Email Campaigning

MailMail researches new ways to automate e-mail campaigns, championing incumbents like Mailchimp and SendGrid. The program allows mass scheduling of marketing campaigns with not only custom templates, but also personalized emails to invoke authenticity.

Multimodal Spatial Transcriptomics

Comprehensively map gene expression across tissues, integrating diverse data types for high-resolution functional genomic insights.

Document Anaylsis & Restoration

Separating handwritten text from its background or other overlaid text.

Identifying and removing stains or other artifacts from scanned historical documents.

Bio-Threat Detection

Analysing microscopic images to detect harmful biological agents or materials that can be weaponised.

Camouflage Detection

Recognising camouflaged military vehicles or troops in forested or urban terrains.

Forgery Detection

Analysing documents, currencies, and passports to detect counterfeits or alterations by segmenting and highlighting any inconsistencies or discrepancies.

Biomedical Image Segmentation

Leverage on biomedical image segmentation to enhance healthcare and pharmaceutical capabilities, hence allowing improved patient outcomes and more efficient research and development processes.

Border Surveillance

Analysing satellite or drone imagery to detect unauthorised border crossings, or detecting tunnels using ground-penetrating radar images.

Object Segmentation

Separating objects from the background in natural images, especially when the objects have intricate structures or when boundary precision is crucial.

Industrial Inspection

Identifying defects or anomalies on manufactured goods in factory settings.

Identifying cracks or damages on surfaces, like roads, bridges, or buildings.

Damage Assessment

Analysing imagery post-conflict or after a military exercise to assess the damage to structures or landscapes.

Web Scraping

Autoscrape intends to generate sales leads by automating search engines to mine for data across all websites regardless of formats. The program scrapes for data via methods such as SERP and GMaps, to obtain company names, addresses, and emails, which it then verifies the validity using DNS and SMTP checks.

Underwater Object Detection

Analysing sonar imagery to detect submarines, underwater mines, or other potential threats.


Identifying areas of crops affected by diseases.

Classifying different types of crops in aerial or drone-captured farm images.

Texture Segmentation

Identifying and segmenting different types of weaves or patterns in fabric samples.

Quantity Surveying

Quantity AI aims to automate quantity surveying of construction drawings. It deploys machine learning to read plan views and estimate the area using deep learning and semantic segregation, by training the datasets with hatch patterns.

Surveillance Video Analysis

The project focusses on video surveillance footage for real-time anomaly detection and insights extraction

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